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Please read through the information on this page. This is not going to be your standard sales page hype and babble. What follows here is meant to inform you before you make your decision to purchase or not to purchase access to our members area and our E-book Profits Guide. (an instantly downloadable e-book) There are some very important things you MUST know ahead.



Start thinking of yourself as an expert NOW because you are. We all have knowledge and skills that 99 percent or more of the general population do not possess. We will show you how to tap into your inner expert who will share with the world the unique lessons that life has taught you. In turn you will self publish your own e-book and enrich the lives of others as well as your own.

For example: Maybe you know a technique for stopping bed wetting in adolescents. Millions of parents would love to know what you know. This would be very important information, and people would gladly pay you for it.

There are hundreds of thousands of subjects that are open to the right authors with the proper expertise. E-book sales have quadrupled in the past 10 years and are not expected to slow down any time soon. There is a hunger for your knowledge. You just have to identify it and get it out there as soon as possible before someone else does. There is an old adage in the publishing business: PUBLISH OR PERISH! We will show you exactly how.

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not there was a way for you to gain control of your finances, your time and your life, then we think you should take a few minutes to read more about what our E-Book Profits Guide has to offer.

Tens of thousands of people just like you have found success by sharing the knowledge they have with others in the form of an ebook or maybe a recurring newsletter or report. Some subjects are fluid and always changing so if it’s appropriate, why not consider publishing a subscription based newsletter? We’ll show you how to self publish newsletters as a bonus with your purchase.

Many home based publishers are making excellent money with reports in the financial, business, tech, prepping, sports, intelligence and political sectors just to name a few. We will show you how to home publish reports as well as build a loyal subscriber base.

The E-Book Profits Guide and our members area will be focusing mostly on information products such as how to type e-books, newsletters, and reports for reasons that will become more clear as we go.

Note: An e-book can be about any topic in any genre. An information product addresses a niche “pain point” for customers and gives answers to real world problems that need to be solved. Information products do not deal with fiction, but fact. For example: One might write a romance novel and publish it as an e-book, but it is not an information product. An information product would be something like, “How to Grill Perfect Ribs”.  You may think of information products as e-books that answer the problems of; how to, and  how not to.

Why Should I Consider Self Publishing an E-Book or Newsletter?

  • Instant payment when you make sales
  • No splitting profits with publishers or other middlemen
  • No inventory
  • No employees
  • No special equipment is needed
  • No expensive office needed
  • Work at your own pace
  • Very, very low start-up costs
  • No deadlines or hassles

Information Products vs Kindle or Nook E-Books

Can Anyone Self Publish and Make Lots of Money?

With the right subject and audience you can make millions publishing from home, however the answer to the question above is paradoxically yes, and no. Yes, just about anyone can follow our simple effective method and be successful at it. The ONLY limitations are your own imagination.



You don’t have to be a great writer or even a good writer to self-publish. In fact most authors aren’t, believe it or not!

Do you know something or have a skill that others would benefit from? Yes? Write about it and sell it! Do you have an idea for a newsletter/report that would be in demand? Yes? Sell it! The world needs people like you to make their lives better and solve problems!

Top Five Myths About Writing E-Books:

  • It takes a long time to write an e-book
  • It takes a grammar expert to write
  • You have to hire a publisher
  • You have to go through a bank to process payments/sales
  • You have to be an expert marketer to sell an e-book

Leverage Force Multipliers for Success!

As home base publishers and marketers of information products ourselves we have identified some very powerful leveraging techniques for boosting traffic and sales over the years. In other words getting your e-book out there in sight of the public eye (as well as the search engines) and appealing to the right customers.

One of the overlooked keys to high income generation is scope of interest. If you serve one customer at a time you will have a very limited income. If you serve millions you greatly expand your income.

For example: If you are in a band doing gigs in bars on the weekends you’ll make far less than if you are a rock star who is playing to millions daily on the radio, on ipods and in sold out concert tours. This is why Walmart makes more than mom and pop general stores. Think like a rock star! This is why your e-book information product needs what we call force multipliers. A few of these force multipliers are:

  • Video
  • Social media
  • Click bank
  • Ebay
  • Blogs

Some or all of these information product force multipliers may be employed depending on the subject matter and your needs. (more on this in the members area)

This is a Simple 5 Step Home Based Publishing System

  1. Identify your area of expertise
  2. Research and write your informational e-book, newsletter, or report
  3. Establish web presence
  4. Set up sales process
  5. Initiate marketing

Virtually anyone can take this easy e-book home base publishing method and succeed.

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Nothing to risk! We will give you 30 days to try out our home based publisher system.

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