About Us

We are a team of home based publishers of ebooks with over 30 years of combined experience in the entire process. We have done it all from ebook and newsletter construction to blogging to graphic design to web design to marketing and of course writing.

We recognized the need for home based publishing of ebooks, newsletters and reports many years ago when it became clear that publishing companies are not on the side of the little guy. Our frustration forced us to educate ourselves and overcome many obstacles along the way.

Navigating the online publishing system was never intuitive or easy by any means. Through years of trial and error we have developed a flexible and powerful step-by-step system and strategy for self publishing from home.

We have been fortunate to discover the information that we have. This self publishing system has been tested and developed and proven many times over. Now, we want to share our home based publishing system with you. The market place is so enormous that we do not worry about anyone competing with us. Take this powerful information and compete for yourself!

Cut Out the Middleman

Where most home based authors go wrong is hiring a publisher. Publishers (especially online publishers) have thousands of ebooks they are already selling and cannot possibly give the attention that you can to your creation. Not only that but, they will charge exorbitant fees of up to 60 percent to just ultimately file your work in the cyberspace waste basket.

Sure, you can pay them (up front) to feature your ebook, but then you will make only pennies on the dollar per sale. They ALL have a very tight lock on this industry. Your ebook and your profits will suffer needlessly.

If you want your ebook to most likely just disappear then go to an online publisher. If you want your publication to thrive and be nurtured then you MUST do it yourself. That’s what we are here for.

And hey, you should try US first. If you don’t like our home based publishing system you can get a no-questions-asked refund within a generous 30 day period.