Frequently Asked Questions About Home Based Publishing

Why Home Based Publishing?

 Q: When you say, “Home Based Publishing” do you mean that I have to publish my e-book myself? 

A: Yes, that’s exactly what we mean. You will not be alone. We will walk you through the entire self-publishing process from start to finish. It’s actually easier than going through all of the special formatting, cataloging and other steps you have to go through to submit your writing to a mainstream publisher.

Q: What is the difference between an e-book and an information product?

A: An e-book can be about any topic in any genre. An information product addresses a niche “pain point” for customers and gives answers to real world problems that need to be solved. Information products do not deal with fiction, but fact. For example: One might write a romance novel and publish it as an e-book, but it is not an information product. An information product would be something like, “How to Grill Perfect Ribs”.  You may think of information products as e-books that answer the problems of; how to and how not to.

Q: What is the advantage of writing an information product versus a fiction e-book?

A: Information products always address niche problems or questions that people need answers to. Information products are easily searchable online by your customers, and the search engines can readily index you in the search results. Since you are in a niche there will be less competition for search rankings for your keywords and phrases. (more on all that in the members area) If you plan to self publish say, a science fiction e-book then you will have to compete with tens of thousands of other authors who also want top search position. But, if you write an information product e-book about “how to flip smartphones for a living” your competition will be far, far less and more potential customers will be able to readily find your e-book. (there will be more on this subject in the E-book Profits Guide and the member’s area)

Q: How do I sell my e-book?

A: You must establish a web presence. Since you are selling online you must have a place where buyers can see and purchase your e-book. In the same way, if you have a hard copy book for sale you must have it in a bookstore where customers can see and purchase it. Our method will ensure that you get the best web presence possible so that customers will find your information product.

Q: What if my ebook is only going to be a few pages long?

A: That’s fine as long as you are providing complete information on the subject. You should be concise anyways since most readers don’t appreciate overly wordy publications.

Q: Should I use a pen name when writing?

A: Some people feel that a pen name (in certain circumstances) lends credibility. Generally your real name is just fine. If you plan to self publish information products extensively then you should think about the branding of your name. Great writers in different genres such as Steele, Joyce, King and Twain to name but a few were very successful at name branding. You’ll want to ensure that you do not use an existing famous pen name however.

Q: Should I try to get my book accepted with one of the big name publishing houses?

A: If you have faith that your writing has what it takes to go big league then maybe a main stream publisher is the right answer. There will be a lot of work and waiting ahead. It can, and does (unless you are Stephen King) take years to get published and distributed main stream. Our scope here at Home Based Publisher is not hard copy books, but self publishing e-books. (and more specifically information product e-books)  If you use our technique you will not have to knock on publisher’s doors, or wait years to make your first sales. So, the answer in short is that you should self publish unless you are confident that a main stream publisher will be interested in your book.