Chapter 3 Tutorials Part 1

Chapter 3 Tutorials Part 1

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Social Media for Online Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Social media is a powerful tool for marketers for many reasons. One reason is that it gets so much traffic and is trusted by users. It is an invaluable source of high quality traffic and highly ranked backlinks to your main site. This members tutorial will be focused on Facebook.

Of course everyone knows and has heard of Facebook. It is an online traffic monster! There are no other sites that get more traffic that will allow you to market a wide range of information products for free.  Facebook gets hundreds of millions of unique hits every day of the year. The income potential is enormous. The principle owner and founder Mark Zuckerberg is one of the richest men in the world.

Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business And Encourage Prospects To Join Faster

Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Business

Step-By-Step Facebook Ads Setup – The Beginner-Friendly And 2017 Way

Of course there are many more video tutorials on Youtube dealing with the subject of Facebook groups for marketers and paid advertising. The videos above will get you started.

Tumblr Marketing is an online traffic monster! There are few sites that get more traffic. As a marketer (which you now are) the value of this cannot possibly be overstated. Tumblr allows anyone to open a blog and promote or discuss just about any topic as long as it is not illegal or “hate”.

Tumblr is a great place to build a following for many reasons. The primary reason for building up your followers is to establish your tumblr account as an authority hub for your content. This can be incredibly helpful for SEO purposes and social signals directed at your website.

How to set up a Tumblr blog 

How to Build Followers in Tumblr

Just as in the previous Facebook section these videos will get you started in the right direction. There is much more out there so don’t limit yourselves to just these tutorials.

Twitter Marketing

Over the past few years Twitter has become a real social media powerhouse. Most marketers tend to stay away from Twitter because it has poor conversions. What that means is that you can get lots of clicks, or traffic with fewer than expected resulting sales. Twitter users are on the go. Depending on the product you are offering the results may be different for you.

The real value here is the backlinks to your site where you are going to offer them your e-book. Twitter has a high value to Google and any links from Twitter will be valuable. So, let’s get started.

How to set up Twitter for Business

The next logical step is to get followers and re-tweets.

How To Grow Your Twitter Following Quickly

Paid advertising on Twitter: (if you choose to do it)

Twitter ads are actually in an auction format. So your budget and bids are what determines the price of your campaign.

Learn more at

Twitter Ads Overview: There are different campaign objectives. For instance, there are conversion campaigns, follower campaigns and app install campaigns, among others.

When you bid on an ad campaign on Twitter, you’re only charged for the actions it generates. You’re never charged for organic activity meaning any retweets, replies or other organic activity is free. Once you win the campaign auction you will not be paying what you bid, instead you will pay one cent above the second place advertiser’s quality adjusted bid. This is known as a second price auction.

Available campaign types as shown on the business twitter ad page is as follows:

Promoted video view campaigns: If someone opens the video, or if the video is 50% in view on the user’s newsfeed for 2 seconds or more, that counts as a view. You will only be charged for views from that ad campaign. There is another option to bid 3s/100 metric which means that a view is considered to be when a viewer opens the video or is 100% in-view on the user’s device and is played for 3 seconds.

Pre-Roll Campaigns: Pre-roll campaigns are available only to advertisers who are working with a managed sales representative. The same rules apply here as with promoted video view campaigns.

Website clicks or conversion campaigns: You are charged for the clicks to your website that resulted because of the campaign you’re running. Retweets and all other engagements are free.

Awareness campaigns: Awareness campaigns are a cost-effective way to raise awareness of your brand or your message. You pay only for the number of impressions you get that were directly influenced as a result of this campaign.

Tweet engagement campaigns: You are charged only for the engagement on your promoted tweets.

Followers Campaign: You are charged only for the followers you acquire through the campaign.

The video below is a beginner guide to Twitter ads, describing how to use Twitter advertising in order to promote your business, increase engagement and connect with your target audience. She will walk you through the backend of Twitter ads and talk you through each stage of setting up your Twitter ad, from creating the image to targeting the right audience.


Again I would like to emphasize that there is much more information on Twitter out there. This is just to get you going in the right direction.

YouTube Marketing

If you’ve ever watched a video online, there’s a good chance it was a YouTube video. YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. You can even create and upload your own videos to share with others.

How to Start a Successful Youtube Channel!! Alisha Marie

How to Start a YouTube Channel — 7 Tips for Beginners

Note: When you post/upload videos Youtube will allow you to place a direct link to your main site. As with all social media websites you’ll want to abide by the terms of use.

Youtube is owned by Google and ranks high in search results. This will work to your benefit if you decide to promote on

Here is a text outline that should be helpful:

Ten tips to get your video noticed on YouTube

1. Name your video using keywords – Rename your video file using the same title as your video. Remember to use search terms (keywords) that YouTube visitors will type as their search words or phrase.

2. Optimize the video file properties – Optimize file properties before you upload the video to YouTube. Include information in your file properties for title, subtitle, tags and add a comment.

a. Mac computers right click on the video file, click “Get info” and then fill out the video properties. Be sure to use your keywords.
b. PC computers right click on the video file, click “Properties” and then fill out the video properties. Be sure to use your keywords.

3. Optimize your video title on YouTube – Once uploaded, your optimization begins on YouTube. Create a short, catchy title including your keywords or phrase. Keep your title limited to 70 characters. Anything longer will be shortened in search results.

4. Provide a clear description – Write a clear description of the content of your video and include website or social media links as well as links to related videos. Keep in mind that only the first few lines of your description will appear under your video, unless the viewer clicks “Show More.” With this in mind:

a. Describe your video within the first two sentences.
b. Include a link to your website or landing page in the first two sentences.
c. Continue with a detailed description with plenty of keywords and phrases. It is a great idea to include a transcript of the video content.
d. Include links to your social media sites, related video URLs, a subscribe link and a strong call to action.

5. Select the appropriate category – Select the category most relevant to your video. Make sure your videos of a particular theme are in the same category.

6. Include tags – Tags help your videos be discovered and ranked higher in the search engines. Insert your video title in the first tag followed by related key phrases.

a. Include keyword phrases as your first tags.
b. Add single keywords in the tags that follow.
c. Include your channel name in the tags

7. Transcribe your video – When you add a transcript of your video content YouTube will add captions at the bottom of your video. This helps people understand your message if they can’t hear the video well or if they have trouble understanding what you’re saying.

8. Add your video to a playlist – Sort your videos into related playlists. This will help more of your videos to be seen. Be sure to optimize your playlist by adding your playlist title, description and a photo thumbnail. Remember to include keywords and phrases. Under playlist settings, you will have the opportunity to set the playlist as an official series. Official series playlists receive more views.

9. Create a unique thumbnail – Create a unique and attractive thumbnail for your videos. People are more likely to click on an image than a text listing, so this helps with your Google click throughs. You want the thumbnail to stand out in search engine results so we recommend you create a thumbnail that is unique to your channel.

10. Promote your videos – Share your videos outside of YouTube on your website, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. This will expand your audience and expose them to your playlists. Be sure to ask viewers to like your video and click the subscribe button. Include your YouTube channel on letterhead, email and forum signatures, etc

YouTube Sponsor Ads

YouTube sponsor ads are available as well. You can create “TrueView” ads via YouTube. This allows you to target potential customers who are searching for videos and you only pay when they watch your video.

YouTube provides tutorials online at

A final word about YouTube bears mentioning: As with most online endeavors, you shouldn’t expect overnight success. Success favors those who are patient and persistent. Many good videos don’t start to gain momentum until 3 to 6 months or even longer. YouTube spiders will be evaluating your video performance and good videos will rise in their search results.

Video Editing Resources

There are countless resources to help you create videos. Most are very easy to operate. While video creation is outside the scope of this e-book, we believe you should at least have a passing familiarity with video editing.

There are many fine tutorials available on YouTube and inside the members area at that will provide detailed information on this expansive topic.
Video Editing Tools
Find what works for you and your needs. There is no need to over-complicate video production. Many of the lower tech tools will be adequate for most of your needs. With that said, you can get amazing quality and a true feel of professionalism using free, simple-to-use software that is readily available to you.
Windows Movie Maker – This software has been discontinued by Microsoft but it remains a highly effective software for editing simple videos. If you’re lucky, you’ll have it installed on your computer. If not, we provide a link to a full Microsoft Essential download (includes Movie Maker) in our members area.

Windows Story Remix – Microsoft has announced they will be rolling out a new video editing software called “Windows Story Remix” in the near future.

Lightworks – There is a bit of a learning curve, but Lightworks is a powerful video editor. It features advanced video editing features you won’t find in other free editors. The interface may be a little intimidating but you can find tutorials on YouTube.

Lumen5 – You can create incredibly powerful marketing videos within minutes using Lumen5. They make use of a large library of creative commons images and sound tracks so you can produce a professional video very quickly and easily.

You will find many video editing and software resources available by doing a Google search, and browsing through videos on YouTube.

Blogger Marketing

Learn How To Start A Blog On For Beginners step by step tutorial, in this video, you will learn how to research your keywords, create a blogger blog for free, add descriptions, add a custom theme, add pages to your blog, customize your blog etc.

The video below has some very good information that you will be able to use with other platforms as well.

How To Start A Blog On For Beginners

Why is this important? Blogger is a Google property. Google is the largest search engine in the world and tends to rank it’s own sites very high.

An inbound link from your Blogger blog to your website (where you sell your e-book) will carry more weight than if it came from say or

Here is another more in-depth video outlining how to set up your blog, how to post, edit, create pages, how to customize your blog, how to use gadgets and much, much more. Blogger is a very popular platform that can be used in various ways and is simple as well as powerful.

How To Use Blogger – Full Introduction